Riga Study

Riga Study

Šis pētījums ir pieejams ikvienam, arī veseliem brīvprātīgajiem.

Application requirements

Native language: Latvian
Sex: Male, Female
Condiditon(s): Type 2 diabetes
Devices: web camera and headset with microphone
Special Application Criteria:

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 20 EUR
Estimated time (hour):

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Frequently Asked Questions

Any questions left?

We have collected the most frequently asked questions for you – please check them out in case you are uncertain.

Cognitive debriefing interviews are not clinical trials: they are part of their preparation phase which includes translation. By participating in them, you are not participating in a clinical trial (study). The aim of cognitive debriefing interviews is to assess the linguistic appropriateness and the understandability of documents which will later be used in clinical trials.

The purpose of cognitive debriefing is to make it 100% sure that all future participants of a clinical trial will understand the translated documents perfectly. The best way of receiving relevant feedback is to use the same target audience that is expected to participate in the given clinical trial. For example, if a patient questionnaire is aimed at patients with Alzheimer’s disease, it might be crucial that the translated content is validated based on the feedback of patients with Alzheimer’s disease.
It is a simple one-hour online interview where the interviewer goes through a translated text with the interviewee, and they check if the text is understandable and not ambiguous, sentence by sentence. The feedback on the linguistic quality of the translation will be anonymized and used to make the final translation better.
There are absolutely no preparations other than technical ones – we only require your free time and your personal opinion on the text. Regarding technical requirements, please make sure that your device has a functioning camera and a microphone.
As soon as we finish the interview, the job will be closed in our system and it will be submitted for payment. So that payment should arrive to your bank account (or your account on another agreed payment platform) within a week.
Yes, as long as you fit the criteria, there are no restrictions on how many studies you participate in. For the same study, you can take only one cognitive debriefing interview, obviously.

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