Linguistic Validation

Linguistic validation is a comprehensive process of linguistic tasks and related steps which ensure that translations are performed with a particular focus on understandability, appropriateness and readability. The full process is based on international guidelines recommended by ISPOR (The International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research), the FDA and the EMEA, and adds extra steps to the usual process of translation + bilingual review + proofreading, such as preparation and translatability checks, backtranslations, content harmonization and cognitive debriefing.

Areas of expertise

Doctor and patient

Patient-facing materials

Below is a list of continuously expanding therapeutic areas where we offer patient recruitment for linguistic validation via our network of healthcare providers:

Physician-facing materials

For medical devices and equipment, we can provide linguistic validation (additional subject matter expert proofreading) performed by native clinicians in the following – continuously growing – areas:

Medical devices

Where it all starts...


Translation is obviously the most important, but it is not the only step in creating multilingual life sciences content. When it comes to clinical studies or medical equipment, the need for top quality is indisputable, because even the smallest errors could endanger the success of the given treatment or cause irreparable harm. This is why the translation steps within the linguistic validation process are different from the language industry standard.

immense experience


Our linguists, who are subject matter experts in the given field of life sciences, are carefully selected, tested and continuously monitored and trained. This is how we ensure that the quality always meets the client’s expectations.

fast turnaround

Fast turnaround

Hunnect's network of linguists guarantees that there are no capacity issues during the translation phase of your clinical trials. Many years of continuous growth have taught us how to upscale our capacity without losing the flexibility of a smaller language service provider and while still guaranteeing high quality.

affordable budget

Affordable budget

As we put special emphasis on vendor selection and management, the translation steps will stay within your budget, but will also contribute to a more consistent and efficient workflow.

Translation laguage services

Where it gets more complex...


Finding patients for cognitive debriefing interviews is challenging – patients for the interviews usually have to meet similar requirements as the study participants themselves. Our recruitment service takes this burden off your shoulders: we will find the ideal subjects who can provide relevant feedback on the translation quality and understandability. Our professional network and recruitment platform make it easy to find, select and contact the most appropriate interviewees for cognitive debriefing.

Recruitment - Linguistic Validation
international network

International network

Our network of healthcare professionals, clinics and linguists gives us easy access to potential patients, whether you are looking for clinicians, patients or healthy subjects for the linguistic assessment of translated texts.

recruitment platform

Recruitment platform

Our platform provides easy access for participants wishing to help achieve better outcomes through linguistic validation of patient-facing materials.

management task

We take on the management tasks

You do not have to worry about finding and contacting the patients: we will do it for you and save you the time and effort of recruiting.

Where a personal touch is needed...

Cognitive debriefing

Cognitive debriefing interviews are usually conducted either in person or over the phone. The global pandemic of 2020 showed that new ways of interviewing have to be established in order to avoid unnecessary personal interaction. We have developed a unique and disruptive way of conducting online cognitive debriefing interviews which retain the personal touch during this step of the linguistic validation process.

time efficiency

Time efficiency

Because the interviews are conducted online, they can be organized and executed much more quickly than traditional, in-person debriefings.

cost efficiency

Cost efficiency

An online debriefing does not incur travel costs for the patients or the interviewers, and so it is much more affordable and manageable.

local presence


Our international network makes it easy to prepare multilingual content with full understandability checks in all target languages, conducted in the target country.

Cognitive debriefing - Lingusitic Validation

Our strengths


We have both the linguistic background and the subject matter expertise to handle your life science translations.


Our digital, unified linguistic validation platform allows remote working methods of patient recruitment and cognitive interviewing with no interruption of service.


Our local experience of almost 20 years in Central Europe gives you easy outreach to numerous countries and study sites.


The processes that we worked out are designed to be time and cost effective and available during lockdowns as well, while keeping in mind the strictest quality expectations of the industry.

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